Laser Cutting


Stevenage Sheet Metal fabricates high quality sheet metal products for a number of industries.

Equipped with 3D scanning, 3D Design technology and state-of-the-art fabrication machinery and finishing capabilities, there is virtually no limit to the products we can design, fabricate and/or assemble for you.

Below is a sample of the sectors with which we work and potential product applications:

Architectural Metal Work

Sheet metal products are a staple of the architectural sector, from large areas of cladding to beams and columns, down to nuts, bolts and other fixings.


Automation is common throughout businesses and homes, and sheet metal is one of the main materials in the manufacture of switches, controls and automation equipment.

Education & University

Education and university institutions are redeveloping their buildings and campuses to incorporate the latest advances in architectural, and research and development. Sheet metal products feature in both the new buildings and the equipment used for teaching and research.


The rapid development of and increase in production of electric vehicles (EVs) requires a rising number of sheet metal components. With petrol and diesel vehicles being phased out, demand for components is increasing fast as the sector grows.

Food & Beverage

Exceptionally high standards of hygiene necessary in the production of food and beverages require the use of products designed to be cleaned easily and to minimise contamination. Sheet metal products, especially using stainless steel, are ideally suited to these applications.

General Industries

Manufacturing and other industrial businesses use a variety of equipment, both mechanical and electronic. Sheet metal components are common throughout and have almost unlimited applications.

IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure supplies the foundation for modern business, computing and communications, from broadband and cell phone connectivity to computer networking. Sheet metal components are at the heart of this.


With the need for high engineering performance in harsh operating environments, sheet metal components and products play a massive role in marine applications, from oil and gas operations and wind farms to vessels of every type and size.


From day-to-day health monitoring appliances to life-saving equipment, the medical sector depends upon the reliability of the machinery it uses. Sheet metal components contribute to everything from specialist furniture to equipment and architecture in GP surgeries, hospital wards and operating theatres.


Motorsport engineering demands high performance from vehicle components which high quality sheet metal delivers, from bearings and brakes to vehicle structure and engines.


Ministry of Defence applications require high quality, strength and resilience for dependability in a variety of harsh environments. Sheet metal fabrication delivers these qualities to achieve total dependability.


The pharmaceutical industry relies upon the highest quality of equipment to maintain the strictest standards of health and safety, and hygiene. Stainless steel components and products are especially suited to achieve these.


Security encompasses physical barriers, doors and gates as well as electronic surveillance equipment – all employ sheet metal components and products.

With extensive capabilities we are able to produce high quality products for use in an unlimited range of applications in most sectors.

Talk to us about your requirements and we can suggest solutions to progress your product(s) – call our experienced engineers on +44 (0)1462 674794.