Laser Cutting

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Stevenage Sheet Metal’s bespoke sheet metal fabrication services cater for an extensive range of customer requirements, all provided on our single site.

From the smallest to the largest dimensions, we offer fine limit sheet metal fabrication working with materials from fractions of a millimetre in depth to whole metres in length and width.

We work with a range of sheet metals, such as aluminium and stainless steel, to produce your prototype or product, using an array of high technology manufacturing equipment, including CNC machinery, press brakes and laser punch combo.

Every aspect of manufacturing, from initial 3D scanning and CAD design through production, is managed with technology to ensure accuracy, precision, speed and the highest quality. This includes metal folding, CNC forming, welding, laser cutting and CNC punching, milling and turning, as well as many custom finishing processes.

All this is managed with skill by our expert designers, engineers, welders and other specialists – most with years of experience – to ensure we manufacture both to your precise specifications and the highest standards.

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As we produce a multitude of products and components across many sectors, talk to us about your sheet metal fabrication needs so we can discuss how we can progress your concept, prototype or product – call our experienced engineers on +44 (0)1462 674794 or complete our online form.