Powder Coating & Wet Spray

Powder Coating & Wet Spray

Stevenage Sheet Metal operates our own fully-equipped powder coating and wet spray facilities on site, enabling us to provide a comprehensive manufacturing service from concept and design through to finished product.

In-house powder coating and wet spray facilities also enable us to ensure the highest quality of finish while meeting tight lead times.

Powder coating and wet spray paint each have their own benefits – by providing both we offer you the most suitable protective finish for your product.

Powder Coating & Wet Spray 2

Powder coating

Powder coating is a dry finishing process in which polyester powder is applied to a product using an electrostatic gun, after which it is cured in an oven. Powder coating is available in solid colours, metallic and textured finishes.

Powder coating benefits include:

  • Durable – more durable than liquid coatings with minimal colour fade
  • Corrosion resistant – resistant to corrosion, making products suitable for outdoor applications
  • Heat resistant – can withstand high temperatures so adds protection against heat
  • Chemical resistant – resistant to chemicals, improving products suitability for use in harsh environments
  • Low maintenance – cost effective for long-term use
  • Environmentally friendly – does not contain solvents or VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

Wet spray

Wet spray paint is applied to a product using a spray gun. Usually, the paint dries at room temperature. The choice of colours and finishes is extensive.

Wet spray benefits include:

  • Cost – economical finish
  • Easy application – requires no additional treatment
  • Variety – extensive choice of colours and finishes

We offer you a wide range of colours and finishes, able to match almost any colour or finish.

To see for yourself, talk to us about finishes you require and we’ll provide samples, lead times and pricing – call our experienced engineers on +44 (0)1462 674794 or complete our online form.