Finishing Processes and Part Marking

Finishing Processes and Part Marking

As well as fabrication and manufacturing, we provide all the finishing services you require to deliver high-quality products.

All finishing services are provided either by Stevenage Sheet Metal or our trusted supply chain of trusted quality audited partners – see below.

Engraving – from text to numerals, branding or other graphics, we can arrange engraving on your parts or products.

Graining – can be applied to smooth out imperfections or to provide an attractive and durable finish. We provide straight graining up to 1000mm wide in a variety of strengths, from a light brushed finish to a deep linear grain. Graining also strengthens visible scratch resistance.

Part Marking – from references to serial numbers, batch numbers and other information, we can organise part marking for you. Part marking can be essential for tracking components, meeting quality standards and as part of traceability systems.

Plating – electroplating or electroless plating applies a thin layer of metal to your component or product to provide a variety of benefits, from enhancing its appearance to improving corrosion resistance, reducing friction, increasing magnetism and a lot more. Plating can apply a variety of metals including chrome, copper, gold, silver and zinc.

Polishing –  produces a mirror-like finish on your product. As well as making the surface shinier, polishing can remove imperfections – defects, dents or scratches – improve surface quality and increase corrosion resistance.

Silk Screen Printing – on sheet metal involves applying paint with the use of fine polyester mesh and a squeegee/blade, with stencils protecting areas to be kept free of paint. Silk screen printing on sheet metal is highly versatile and totally customisable.

Which finish is right for you?

With such an extensive range of available, which finish should you choose? Call us to talk through your requirements and we can advise on the advantages and strengths of individual finishes and provide samples – call us on +44 (0)1462 674794 or complete our online form.

Stevenage Sheet Metal’s specialist supply chain

Stevenage Sheet Metal has created a supply chain combining the specialist services of quality audited partners who provide engineering and finishing processes matching our own rigorous standards.

We offer customers specialist services through this partner supply chain, enabling us to concentrate on our strengths while providing a comprehensive single-point-of-contact manufacturing service.

Quality and fast turnaround remain paramount whether we or one of our partners delivers services to you.

Electronic & mechanical assembly

After the fabrication of components, assembly of all parts creates the fully functioning end product.

Stevenage Sheet Metal offers an assembly service to produce completed products, including electronic, mechanical and hydraulic products.

In addition to 3D CAD design, sheet metal fabrication and finishing services, we provide all the welding, joining and other services required for final product assembly.

Talk to us about how we can provide the assembly service you need for your products – call our experienced engineers on +44 (0)1462 674794 or complete our online form.