Metal Folding & CNC Forming

Metal Folding & CNC Forming

sheet Metal Folding

Stevenage Sheet Metal provides sheet metal folding and CNC forming to produce shapes ranging from simple parts to complex components, such as in vehicles or appliances.

Folding and forming bend and shape the sheet metal to alter its geometry instead of cutting or removing material.

We fabricate products using our press brakes, including our Trumpf CNC Press Brake (with 170-ton capacity, and TRUMPF TruMatic 7000 laser punch combo.

These capabilities enable us to fold metal sheets up to 4m wide, while CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology ensures folds and forming are produced to precise measurements. CNC benefits include:

  • Faster turnaround
  • Reduced setup times
  • Achievement of finer tolerances
  • Improved traceability and repeatability
  • Reduced material wastage and scrap factors

We apply sheet metal folding using a press brake and a series of dies to create shapes such as curves, angles or boxes.

Sheet metal forming not only folds metal, but also stretches and compresses it to create more complex shapes. This requires more force and precision to produce the desired shape.

Our metal folding and CNC forming services operate within our strict quality guidelines to ensure your products achieve the highest possible quality.

Our equipment and technology enable us to produce almost any size or shape from sheet metal, so please talk to us about your metal folding and CNC forming requirements.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We are happy to offer advice and suggestions, backed up many years’ experience of sheet metal fabrication, to help you produce your product(s) – call our experienced engineers on +44 (0)1462 674794 or complete our online form.