Laser Cutting


“Investment in new technologies like computerised Laser Cutting and Punching Machines are one of the ways we provide the best possible service and quality to our customers.  They quite literally keep us at the cutting edge.”

– Gary Byatt, Managing Director


State of the art Laser Cutting

Quality is the cornerstone of our business, and providing the best possible finished goods with minimal or no distortion, and high fidelity to the design intent, keeps our customers coming back – confident that we can deliver, on time and at a quality that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Laser cutting is one of the ways we keep ahead of the curve.  As demand for stricter tolerances and a better finish rises, a laser is the tool of choice, providing a number of benefits to our customers.


The importance of investment in equipment and people

As a part of our process of continuous development and investment, we have recently taken delivery of a TRUMPF TruMatic 7000 Laser / Punch Combo – a machine which is so advanced and cutting edge, that we are one of very few in the UK to have one.  This brand new machine combines laser cutting and punching / forming, increasing productivity and reducing turnaround times dramatically.  Please see also CNC Punching.

As we all know, the equipment is only the tool, it takes a specialist to get the very best from it.  At Stevenage Sheet Metal, we believe that our people are as important as the machines they run, and so we ensure that key people receive the training they need to help them to provide the very best product to our customers.


Our Capabilities

Benefits to our customers

  • High precision and consistency
  • No tooling costs to us or our customers
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Repeatability and traceability
  • Able to cut thicker materials (up to 25mm)
  • Cleaner edges, requiring no rework = faster delivery
  • Improved material handling to avoid scratching
  • Reduced material wastage = lower costs
  • Lower running costs than many other machines

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