CAD Design


“We design quality in to all of our customers concepts from the very start. That way we know that the quality and performance will meet our own high standards”

– Gary Byatt, Managing Director


Benefits of our Design Services

As you might expect, not all of our customers are experienced Engineers, able to conceive and detail complex sheet metal designs and assemblies – taking into account wastage, bend loss, distortion and tooling constraints.  That’s why we have a team dedicated to providing advice and solutions which are individually tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Each design is reviewed for viability, cost effectiveness and durability before being committed to production.  We find that embedding this kind of quality in the process from the very start yields enormous benefits for both ourselves and our customers in terms of cost savings, turnaround times and the quality of the finished goods.


Our capabilities

Able to import, read and use most drawing formats, we have the capability to accept drawing files in many formats, via disk, upload or email, including:




We also work with many of our customers to move their design from the back of an envelope into a 3D CAD environment where it can be modelled, reviewed and tweaked, if needed, before our experienced and quality driven production team make it a reality.

This investment in meeting our customers needs is just one of the things which sets Stevenage Sheet Metal apart from the crowd, and keeps our customers coming back to us.

We are always keen to assist customers, both old and new, so call us for a free design consultation or for advice and let us help you to get that design off the drawing board.



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